Drinking water everyday has tons of health benefits for your body inside and out but are you aware of whats really in your water?

Water is a vital part of our lives and should hydrate and replenish our bodies. Brands that have a low or average pH level are the ones most of us drink due to lack of knowledge. You probably never thought much about it think “water is water” which isn’t true. For example, tap water is something no one should still be drinking due to its extremely low pH.

Just like with food, water can be either alkaline or acidic. Meaning, a pH scale measures a substance acidity or alkalinity level. The pH levels from 0-14. 7 is neutral, anything below is acidic, anything above is alkaline. Alkaline= Good health, Acidic= Bad health

Acidic water is formed with an ionizer where electricity is used to change the pH level, making it less natural. It contains no natural minerals. Instead it contains mercury, boron, barium, and lead which can lead to harmful side effects. Alkaline water is more natural and needs no electricity to change its pH level due to it typically being formed more naturally. It contains calcium, magnesium, selenium, and iron which lead to health benefits.

Here is a list of common brands and their pH levels:

VitaminwaterpH 3.4

DasanipH 4.5

Voss pH 6.0

Deer ParkpH 6.3

SmartwaterpH 6.5

Great ValuepH 6.5

EvianpH 7.0

EternalpH 7.0

FijipH 7.5

EssentiapH 9.0

In conclusion, a lot of times when you drink a brand that is very acidic, you can taste harsh minerals or feel affects if you pay attention. If you don’t notice a difference in taste with the water you drink, then you need to simply drink more water and eat cleaner. If you are truly concerned and want to know the pH level of a certain brand but cannot find it online, I suggest calling or emailing the company. Hope this helped in some way!

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