The whole universe maneuvers by law, and so do we.

One of the universal laws is called Law of Vibration. This law states everything in the universe is energy that moves, vibrates and travels in circular patterns. Each sound, thing, and thought has its own vibrational frequency, unique unto itself.


Take a moment to realize we are all a mass of energy and the way we function is based on frequencies. The frequency we tap into determines the level of our vibration. By choice, we tune into frequencies through what we think, eat, watch, listen to, and so on. It is important to be cautious of our thoughts and actions because it literally shapes our reality.

Are you familiar with the word vibe? “Positive vibes only.”, “No negative vibes” are phrases I’m sure we have all came across before. Vibe is just an abbreviation for the word vibration.

Vibes can be high and can be low. We have the ability to alter the level of our own vibrations.  Just like energy, vibes can be transferred. Our goal should always be to vibrate higher. Notice how people pick up on negative vibes and positive vibes all the time even if they aren’t conscious of it. It affects our mood and overall well being.

Why should you want to raise your vibration?

Who wants to live in misery 24/7? Not I. I highly doubt you do as well.

When you vibrate low, your reality and perception on things are in a negative state. You notice your mind, body, and soul is in a negative state which is all due to attaining the wrong energy. It comes to  a point where you get tired of constantly dealing with problems. We all want better for ourselves and all it   takes is a simple shift in our energy.

What lowers our vibration?

We all have a vibration that is naturally high, its of love. Because life is not always full of positivity, we end up with negative emotions at times. We tend to suppress, which in return lowers our vibration. It’s important to let go of whats holding us back.

Some of the most vital causes of a low vibration are:

  • Trash diet
  • Drugs
  • Negative thinking
  • Fear
  • No trust
  • Self doubt
  • Guilt, shame, and stuck in the past
  • Criticism

The list can go on.

Lets all focus on what we want and not what we do not want.

Work on shifting negative thoughts to positive.

Take control of your life starting now! <3


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