Walking has got to be one of the best forms of exercise in my opinion. It’s so versatile with so many benefits!

You can walk around your neighborhood, at a park, at a beach, on a treadmill, or just anywhere available around your community. You also can adjust the speed you walk based on what fits best for you.


To gain walking’s maximum benefits, it is recommended to walk at least 30 minutes a day. Here are the main benefits that I have gained from walking:

1. Increased energy

Energy flows regardless if you are active or not because it never rests. When you get up and moving your body has an increased flow of energy. Your heart rate goes up, and your blood flows throughout the body which is necessary for more energy. When I walk it’s like I can just feel so much positive energy throughout my body(during and after). Walking also helps me sleep better at night because your mind & body has been stimulated more which in return will put you on track to a good nights sleep.

2. Improved mood

When you go on a walk your body is exercising and your mind is too. Your brain releases a hormone called endorphins aka the “happy hormone”. Endorphins make you happy and helps get rid of stress and other negative factors. I like to say it gives you a “natural high” feeling. I always feel so relieved and happy after my walks for no reason, just genuine happiness.

3. Body is less stiff

Walking improves your posture and is great for bone health. It strengthens your bones which in turn helps your body structure and flexibility. I stretch and go on a walk whenever my body is feeling stiff, especially my back.

4. Faster metabolism

To be honest, the best way to boost your metabolism is by eating healthy. The foods we eat tells our bodies how to function but walking can help with your metabolism as well. When you walk, you burn calories and the food you’ve ate is broken down and used for energy. Walking fast and on an incline helps speed the rate of your metabolism.

5. Tones your body

Walking builds muscles. Since walking is targeting more of your lower body, you will see results such as toned legs and glutes but you also will notice results in your midsection if you are eating right as well as staying consistent with walking and exercising.


These are the results that have made walking one of my favorite forms of exercise. There are plenty of other benefits as well but these are the basic! Even if you start off walking just 5 or 10 minutes a day, its better than nothing. Over time you will find what works best for you as far as speed and location. After a while you will see results physically but you should instantly feel results. Get up and get moving!


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