Life really can suck at times. It can be hard, confusing, and seem pointless.

A lot of times I myself feel down and out of touch.

I’m sure we all go through phases where we feel like we just aren’t in the right spot. Or, we are dealing with a lot that life has thrown at us. While we still will have bad days, there are daily things we can do to help improve the quality of our life. Here are a few ways:

Vent to yourself

A lot of times we don’t really know what is really wrong with our lives, or why. Or, a lot of times we just have so much going through our mind that we need to let out to clear it. Writing, or simply talking to yourself and acting like you’re talking to someone else can help. I learn so much about why I’m feeling the way I am simply by talking to myself because I give myself answers that I’m missing. Nobody knows you better than you, and you can trust yourself.


I personally recommend solitude when life seems out of wack. Spending alone time can help you focus more, learn about yourself, and be more at peace. Go out and do something you love to do, even if its something small. I guarantee you, you will feel less overwhelmed and more connected to yourself!

Eat healthier

Eating healthy is important if you want to improve your life because it affects the quality of our physical state and mental state. Food is information and talks to your dna, telling you what to do. Be conscious of what you are putting in your body because it can either make or break you.

Do what makes you happy

Do more of what makes you happy, and less of what doesn’t. Sounds like common sense but a lot of us tend to do things that do not make us happy because we feel like we have no other choice. Sometimes we settle too. Let go of what no longer serves you! Align yourself with what you want and the universe will make a way for you. Try writing a list down of what and who truly makes you happy. Write another list of what and who doesn’t make you happy. Those things you need to work on letting go of.

Be present

A lot of us are sad from focusing too much on the past, and anxious from focusing too much on the future. It’s normal to think about your past, its why you are where you are today but don’t stay stuck on it. Heal from your past. Focusing on the future can be great, it helps you get further in life but don’t focus too much to the point you are stressed. Just be.


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