“I go to nature to be soothed and healed, and to have my senses put in order.” -John Burroughs

You know that immediate feeling of euphoria you get when you first arrive to the beach, are outside with the sun hitting on you, or just simply out at the park enjoying nature? All your worries, emotions, problems ease away. You just naturally feel good & your body is healing.

Think about when you are indoors surrounded by objects that often tend to be clutter, an artificial scent, and artificial light. Such as classrooms, hospitals, jobs, etc. That environment can tend to lead to built up negative emotions. You have less energy. Anything natural produces physiological and psychological positive effects. Nature is soothing, uplifting, calming, relaxing, and in all healing. The sun, air, plants, trees, etc all have their purpose. Mother nature is more powerful than you thought and heals our mind, body and spirit without us even knowing at times. The best 5 doctors are Sunshine, Water, Fresh Air, Good Diet, and Exercise. Each play a role on our physical, mental & spiritual health.


The sun is the force of all life. People often fear too much sun exposure due to being taught that sun rays are dangerous. Yes the sun is strong and powerful, but in a good way. When I was unhealthy, my skin would get blotchy in the sun and I actually thought I was allergic to the sun(I was not educated enough and just went off of assumption). Sunblocks/sunscreens that we grew up on are doing more harm than good. They have chemicals in them that let UVA(Ultra Violet A) into the skin while blocking UVB(Ultra Violet B), an essential for Vitamin D production, mood enhancement and boost of energy. Vitamin D regulates cells, systems, and organs throughout the body. Studies show areas that have less sun have a higher rate of diseases such as cancer, colds/flu, autism, etc. You know how when winter approaches, everybody around you starts getting sick? During winter there is less sunlight and people spend less time outside which heavily impacts us. In all, the sun boosts our immune system, helps with depression & anxiety, and has healing effects with auto immune diseases. Look into natural sunscreens, stay hydrated, eat healthy and go out and enjoy the sun and soak up all of its healing benefits.


Whether you’re drinking it or spending time in it at the beach, waterfalls, etc; water is essential for the body. Water, specifically alkaline water(Water that is not as acidic and rich in alkalizing compounds, including calcium, silica, potassium, magnesium, and bicarbonate.)gives a great source of energy, improves your immune system, and simply promotes overall health with its minerals. The ocean water contains a stable pH of 8.3 which makes it alkaline. Due to the level of alkalinity, the sea salt has healing benefits for your skin as well. Every time I would go to the beach and spend time in the water, any acne i had would dry up, and any scratches or cuts would heal immediately.

Fresh Air

Fresh air naturally makes you happier. Being in a constant environment that has air conditioning or artificial heat can cause problems such as increasing symptoms of chronic illness, breathing problems, dry skin, dehydration, etc. When you finally spend some time outside and get fresh air you gain benefits such as less stress, stronger immune system, aid in digestion, cleaner lungs, clearer mind, and more energy. Go take a walk at the park where there are less buildings, and more trees!

Good Diet

We all know food fuels the body. Specifically natural, alkaline, and electric foods. Electric foods are foods that have a pH of 7.0+, meaning it’s alkaline. Incorporating these foods into our diet plays a major role in healing our bodies. Our bodies are natural electric beings and if you’re eating foods that don’t give you energy, like a battery, you’ll be drained. Your diet plays a major factor in healing your body. You can find a list of alkaline foods here.


We all know exercising helps you lose weight but did you know what else comes with exercising? When we exercise our brains release a chemical called endorphins. Endorphins provide benefits such as improvement of your well being, helps you feel more relaxed, boosts your mood and confidence, and helps you gain clarity. About 30 mins a day will make such a huge difference. Exercise=Endorphins=Happiness

Go Out Today!

There are plenty of ways to heal yourself right now. We can all use some type of healing and improvement in our lives. Due to the stress & problems life unexpectedly throws at us, nature is definitely needed. You can start off with even just 10 minutes if that’s all you can do. Take time to enjoy all that life really has to offer, for free! Here are a few ways you can enjoy nature today:

Take a day trip to the beach



Go outside your house



Go to the park

Go to a river or pond

Lay out in your back yard

Walk a dog

Go around your neighborhood

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