Eating healthy is something a lot of us struggle with. The hardest part is simply getting started and on the right track. To eat healthier all you need is discipline & knowledge. Here are 5 tips to help you start your path towards a healthier diet:

1. Know Your Why

When you have knowledge on the importance of healthy eating, it will help you achieve your goal because when you know better, you do better. There are plenty of reasons to eat healthier, whether it be to lose weight, improve skin, prevent health issues, or gain more energy, you should state your reasoning and know your why to help you stay focused. Writing down the reasons you want to eat healthy definitely helped me when I read it from time to time!

2. Swap Out Your Common Foods

Make changes when it comes to your breads, sugars, rice, milks, butters, snacks, etc. If you eat processed white bread, try buying whole wheat bread that contains more fiber. Switch refined sugar to natural sweeteners such as, Pure Cane Sugar, Stevia, Pure Raw Honey, Agave Nectar, Coconut Sugar, etc.  Brown rice has more nutrients than white rice and has less carbs, while providing more fiber. Switch cows milk to almond milk, which helps lower your cholesterol, has less calories, and zero saturated fats. Switch your butter to Earth Balances butter which is more natural, plant based, and does not contain as much sodium. Snacks such as nuts, fruits, nutrient bars, air popped popcorn, etc instead of chips, and fake, artificial “snacks”.

3. Create Meal Plans

Writing down the foods you plan on eating can help a lot! Often times we just go throughout our day and have no idea what to eat. When you’re busy this can lead you to eating whatever you see is sight, which is not always the healthiest. Planning your meals can save you time and is just way more simple. Plus, it can give you something to already look forward to. Also, you can actually make sure you have a meal that is providing you with all the nutrients you need.

4. Eat More Of Your Favorite Healthy Food

I really enjoy drinking smoothies because they taste amazing and you can always switch it up and get creative. If I can’t think of a healthy option to eat then my go-to option is to just make a smoothie, no matter what time/meal of the day it is. The good thing about smoothies is you don’t need to have a lot of time on your hands to make them and you can make them early in advance. In my opinion, fruits make eating healthy so easy because it’s nature’s candy <3. Completely healthy and delicious.

5. Follow Health Related Accounts On Social Media

What we view on social media plays a role in our subconscious mind. Meaning you eventually become what you view because you are what you see just like “you are what you eat”. For example, if you are following people who are constantly in drama, or tweeting negative things, and that’s all you view then overtime you start thinking the same way which can affect your mood and  actions. With health, if you are following pages that shows tons of unhealthy foods, such as Food Porn pages, then you eventually will want it because it influenced and triggered you. Follow accounts with health tips, pics, quotes, etc. This will help you become more motivated and stay on track.

*Remember eating healthier means getting rid of foods that are more acidic, and adding foods that are more alkaline*

Checkout a video of me and my friend on how to shop when wanting to eat healthier:


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